Hail claims

In the event you have hail damage to your vehicle here is an explanation of the process. It is quite different from collision. We do not write hail estimates. Instead we do a repair process coordination. Different from collision hail requires that the insurance have inspected or made arrangements for us to inspect the vehicle. Once this is done we schedule the vehicle in for repairs and perform an in depth blueprint of the repair process which includes teardown, ultra lighted inspection, we then mark all the damage and take detailed photos of the damage. Once all damage is accounted for and documented we put together a supplement for the insurance company for approval. Once the approval is reached repairs are performed.

Expert Hail Damage Repairs with PDR Technology

What is hail repair?

Hail damage repair by PDR method is a less intrusive and cost effective way to repair dents caused by hail. Most of the time hail does not damage the paint. PDR is a method of basically reversing the damage by “massaging” dent out from the backside of the panel. However, if the damage is more severe or paint is broken it will require the conventional method of dent removal by sanding and pulling the dent out, thus requiring the panel to be refinished.

Is hail damage covered by insurance?

If you carry comprehensive coverage, hail damage may be covered by your car insurance policy after your deductible is paid, up to your policy’s limits. Comprehensive covers damage to your vehicle from events outside of your control, including weather-related damage, theft, and vandalism. If you don’t carry comprehensive coverage, your policy will likely not cover hail damage and you will have to pay for any repairs out of pocket.

How much does a hail damage claim cost?

Hail costs can vary from the severity of the storm. A rating system based on a measuring index referring to the size of coins is used, ie. dime, quarter, nickel, half dollar is used. Once the size is determined a count is done. Then using a matrix we determine the price of the repair. Hail repair can vary from $2000 to well over $20,000 depending on the circumstance. These prices are consistent with the insurance matrix and always approved by the insurance before repairs are started.

Does Hail Damage Increase Insurance Costs?

How it will affect your rates depends on your claims history and insurance company that you are with. Typically, a comprehensive claim, such as hail, animal accidents and damage from falling debris do not affect your rates ( you will want to verify this directly with your company as it varies).

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